Solo Fingerstyle Guitar
Solo Fingerstyle Guitar

"The songs create a spring-like atmosphere with light melodies and fluttery lines."
Katie Sesco, Folioweekly (May 2000)

" ... he masterfully plays soft yet distinctive music on his nylon string guitar. You relax and find yourself in sheer harmony. Your senses are heightened. You can almost taste the music ... "
Carol Elliott, First Coast Entertainer (November, 1999)


A customer writes...   "I am really enjoying your tape, but I'm wrestling with myself in trying to learn this style of playing. An average session at night with your tape usually ends up with me just dropping my chin on the body of the guitar and listening to the music... not in frustration, but in appreciation. All of the songs are excellent on this tape. I'm personally very attached to your version of "MASH"... great use of chimes... seems to create a jazzy flavor... and the intro really rolls over nice and smooth. The entire collection here is remarkable, and I can't seem to put it down. Thanks again, Richard. Looking forward to your next tape!"
     Keith... (October, 1998)


"Richard's music is a touch of color with the brightest variation of hues. It has a translucent quality. You hear every note as clear as a bell."
Carol Elliott, First Coast Entertainer


  Twelve songs recorded in 1998 on solo acoustic nylon string guitar. Includes Over The Rainbow, Canary Jig, Theme Song From M*A*S*H*, Spanish Eyes, Prelude to Bach's Cello Suite #1, The Entertainer, Mona Lisa, Greensleeves, Jamaica Farewell, Wayfaring Stranger and 2 originals... Mexican Fling and Merryspring.  

Available on CD - RK-101V2, & 1998-2001 Kuncicky.

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  1. MEXICAN FLING (3:50) (Kuncicky) BMI   mp3
  2. OVER THE RAINBOW (5:00) (Arlen-Harburg)   mp3
  3. CANARY JIG (2:20) (traditional) PD   mp3
  4. THEME FROM M*A*S*H* (5:05)
     (Altman-Mandel)   mp3
  5. SPANISH EYES (3:36)
     (Kaempfert-Snyder-Singleton)   mp3
  6. PRELUDE IN D FOR CELLO (2:40) (Bach)   mp3
     (Scott Joplin, arranged by R. Kuncicky)   mp3
  8. MERRYSPRING (2:31) (Kuncicky) BMI   mp3
  9. JAMAICA FAREWELL (2:43) (traditional)   mp3
  10. GREENSLEEVES (3:51) (traditional)   mp3
  11. MONA LISA (3:24) (Livingston-Evans)   mp3
  12. WAYFARING STRANGER (4:14) (traditional)   mp3

   Audio samples are 30 second 40K bps mono mp3's.   

  • TOTAL RUNTIME = 42:18

  • All songs arranged and performed by Richard Kuncicky.
  • Recorded in early 1998 using a Fender 2100cx nylon string guitar.
  • Cover photo by Elisabeth Williamson.
  • Recorded and Mastered by Richard Kuncicky.

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